Barley Mow Bonsall……Fully Licenced To Party!

The Barley Mow turns into a rural cabaret club come the weekend….we punch well above our weight with the quality of our entertainment for a little country pub, up a little country lane, in deepest darkest Derbyshire.  As a “one room” pub, people are incredulous and often ask “but where does the band set up??” The answer is that once the kitchen has been closed, we empty half the room of tables and chairs into it to make space for the band…and for your dancing! Instead of paying a fortune to sit at a stadium gig, miles away from the stage, you get a real live music experience here at the pub…up close and personal with amazing performers…and what’s more, its completely free, ’cause fun don’t cost a thing here at the Barley Mow. There is nothing more rewarding for us, than to see people of all ages, backgrounds, walks of life, dancing together and having a great time letting their hair down.

  • One Drop Pony (with support from Knife Skillsette)

    Jun 2019
    - 9pm -


    Barley Mow debut and first gig for One Drop Pony!  Who consist of three Derbyshire men trying to sound like they live somewhere warm.
    Electronic infused Alternative Reggae….! With influences from Fat Freddys Drop, John Frusciante, Dub Syndicate, Massive Attack, Toots & The Maytals, and more.

    Support from Knife Skillsette… aka Emily and Andy of Knife Skills fame… 🙂


  • Dogboy

    Jul 2019
    - 7.30pm -

    R&B six piece roll out slide, sax & harp driven tunes from delta blues to the dirty over driven tones of The Black Keys & Led Zep.. featuring father and son team on guitars… Dave and Mike..awesome!


  • World Championship Hen Racing 2019

    Aug 2019
    - 12pm -