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We have built our own brewery in the pub car park….it houses a lovely 2.5bbl brewing system, and my wonderful husband Mick has been brewing a delicious range of ales since July 2018. We have been very lucky to have a lot of support in this venture… from friends and family, and also by way of a grant from the RDPE – which itself is from the E.U.

Currently we are only selling in the pub, but we have plans to distribute / push out into other quality real ale pubs / outlets, and to can / bottle and sell into retailers. We are at the beginning of this new manufacturing adventure, but so far so good!

Our core range uses ingredients – hops / malts / yeast – only from the U.K, and our lovely shiny kit was made by a Independent company (Father and Son team) based in Bawtry, Nr Doncaster. So our ales have a sustainable edge, as well as being lovely. Come and have a try soon!

Thanks to all the unsung heroes who legged us up to where we are…. we couldn’t of done it without you! Colette xx